Geometry Dash WaveBreaker

Geometry Dash WaveBreaker is a creation of the combination of talented creators Lemons and Dorami has produced a top-notch user-level game. The incredible difficulty of this version is set to Extreme Demon 10 stars. In addition, lighting effects and obstacles that flash according to the melody are also factors that increase the trickiness of the round. Get ready for dazzling movements in the most complex matrix.

This monster's gameplay is characterized by a lot of awkward timings. In addition, you may see little tunnels in the waves and UFO levels, which can occasionally make an already difficult level much harder. You shouldn't overestimate the level however, given that it only lasts for one minute and fourteen seconds.


Walk through the matrix

Geometry Dash WaveBreaker is fast-paced from the start. The cube segment takes place in a matrix of tall columns of spiky blocks and countless jumping orbs. Touching the spheres causes the entity to move. However, in this section, this is the only option for you to safely navigate the object through. After a short train and cube segment, gamers enter the wave segment with a continuous winding path. The entity then returns to its cube form. At this time, on the screen will appear some shapes with the logos of electrical devices. These things will affect your vision in the short term. The player needs to control the situation well so as not to cause the object to slip out of its current trajectory.

Geometry Dash WaveBreaker continues with a continuous series of transformations into the full range of shapes, including the ship, the ball, the wave, the UFO, and the robot. Designing the matrix at this time is the ultimate challenge because you may not see the main obstacle due to the many decorative objects. The cube segment has a change in track design with floating blocks and jumping spheres. After a breakneck wave and ship passage, the object returned to the short cube passage. The round ends after gamers control the entity through the final portal. The text of the version name and contributors appears at the finish line.

To maneuver the entity

You must comprehend the most delicate control commands if you want the thing to move smoothly in the matrix. Those who are accustomed to using a mouse when playing video games might choose for the left-click. You can use the spacebar or the up arrow if you feel that keyboard buttons respond to you more easily.

Keep in mind that the most crucial element is exact time synchronization. You could even lose at 96% position or have to restart from scratch after a little accident. Gravity gates in Geometry Dash WaveBreaker will also increase the unpredictable movement of the entity.

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