Geometry Dash Voiceless

Harsh setting and challenging gameplay in Geometry Dash Voiceless created by JerkRat. The game has a difficulty level of 5 stars and includes 3 user coins. This is a moderate level, so players can experience the feeling of maneuvering that is not too fast while still enjoying the catchy melody of the game. Besides, discovering and collecting all user coins is also a criterion to evaluate the level of perfect completion in this round.

Geometry Dash Voiceless has the matrix with neon light and magical flashing barriers, which will appear throughout the player's challenge. The object will transform into many different shapes when moving over specific terrain. By controlling the entity to overcome all barriers and leap to the finish line, you can clear this dangerous map.


A brief preview of the Voiceless version

Geometry Dash Voiceless has a remarkable visual aesthetic, including stark black backgrounds and neon lights. A psychedelic nightmare appears as obstacles blend together. To live through the lava tunnels and stars, players must concentrate. With every sequence they win, they get closer to defeating JerkRat's frustrating design.

Players control the geometry to avoid colliding with limited-space objects. Holding allows flight in ship mode, and releasing lowers. To increase your leap's height, strike the blue and yellow pads. To increase strength and increase the difficulty of leaps, retrieve hidden coins. Strategy and the likelihood of victory increase with more playing. In order to get stronger, hit the blue and yellow pads initially. More games improve strategy and increase the probability of winning.

User coins

  • 33%: In the UFO segment, instead of controlling the entity to fly straight, gamers navigate up to collect the first coin. Pay attention to the obstacles ahead to avoid them in time.
  • 44%: The second coin appears in the wave segment. Players notice the purple diamond in the middle of the screen. The coin is located below this block.
  • 77%: Immediately after controlling the object through the conversion portal to the UFO segment, you can spot the last coin close to the terrain below, next to a white cloud.

Collecting coins is for complete completion only; it is not mandatory. Besides, you can accumulate this item after several rounds.

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