Geometry Dash Utopia Dash

TheRealDarnoc (Darnoc) has developed a consumer version game, Geometry Dash Utopia Dash, with 5-star difficulty. The game requires quick reaction skills from players. Besides, because the tempo combined with the background music is not too fast, you can observe some barriers in advance to decide on appropriate maneuver commands.


Six segments of the matrix

The first part goes from 0 to 35%. The opening cube section is quite easy, with a few jumps over a few sharp blocks. After passing through the two platforms, the player controls the object by touching a series of orbs to avoid the pointed triangle at the top of the wide platform and pass through the two adjacent pillars. The terrain after that is floating stairs, and below are daisies. The round proceeds similarly until a short break.

The next section extends to the 53% position. The object turns into a ball after moving through a portal at the end of the break. The terrain is now a platform with pointed triangles and a few wide platforms. The safe space is quite large, so it is easy for gamers to navigate the entity. However, at the end of this section, the terrain narrows with sharp blocks that can cause the object to collide. Gamers maneuver the ball and touch jumping orbs to avoid the spike fence and move to the next stage.

The segment of 54% will extend to 69%. This segment takes place with the ship shape of the object. The terrain at this point is the same as at the end of the previous part. You maneuver the flying entity over thorny roots with several continuous up-and-down, wavy movements.

The round continues with parts from 70 to 79%. The object now changes back to a cube shape, but with a smaller size. The pace of the game becomes faster in long tunnels and sharp triangle blocks. You need to move the mini-cube to touch the floating jumping balls to get over the spike fence below.

The ball segment then lengthens from 80 to 86%. The terrain at this time is such that the main platforms and obstacles do not change. After a series of gravity shifts while moving through successive portals, the round reaches its final segment.

The final part takes place in the cube shape of the main entity. After converting its size twice from mini to normal, the object reaches the finish line after a few simple moves past tall columns and avoiding collisions with pointed triangle blocks.

How to Play

Players can choose one of these commands: click the mouse on the game screen, press the UP arrow, or use the Spacebar to control the geometry.

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