Geometry Dash Twist

Geometry Dash Twist

Geometry Dash Twist creates the experience of the new mountainous plateau terrain in the matrix of the obstacle course game. Olympic is the developer of this user level with 4-star difficulty, which includes 3 user coins. Your mission is to control the object to avoid colliding with all the obstacles in the maze.

The terrain will change continuously but not at a high pace, so gamers can still keep up with the movements of the object. Additionally, variations in the shape of the main geometry include the cube, the ball, the ship, the UFO, and the robot. These are all the object transformations in the Dash series. Therefore, the Twist version can be considered a suitable fan-made version for you to get familiar with the movements of different entity shapes. However, you need to pay attention to the fast wave segment in the 48–65% segment. At this time, the pace of the game increases rapidly, and the slopes can cause collisions at any time.


Let’s collect all the user coins

Geometry Dash Twist has a medium difficulty level, so user coins in this version are also easily detected.

  • The first user coin appeared at position 18% in the aircraft segment. Gamers control the object to move onto the terrain above the screen. The item is located next to three spikes and the slope of the pointed triangle block.
  • The second user coin is located in the next segment. Gamers move the entity through the conversion portal into cube form. The coin is in a straight line with the exit of the portal. You can easily collect it at the 28% position.
  • The remaining silver coin is at position 92% in the last robot segment. Players navigate the object to jump from a high pole to collect this item and reach the finish line.

To have a stunning experience

With the full properties and appearances of object shapes, Geometry Dash Twist will be a complete experience for players to remember the characteristic movements of the main object. Each shape is different, and the main entity will have unique movements. Along with that, the appearance of gravity portals also changes the pace of the round.

If you are a new player, here are some suggestions to have the most complete familiarization experience. First, try to maneuver the object to touch as many jumping balls as possible. This will help gamers understand the rules of operation as well as the impact of things on the main entity. Next, practice distinguishing false spikes so you don't get distracted by them during high-speed segments. Additionally, try navigating the entity to the music. The harmony between the beat and the controls will make you feel that the gameplay becomes more attractive. Additionally, you can also discover your own tips and strategies. Get your game on now and explore the marvelous things of Geometry Dash Twist.