Geometry Dash Trump Circles

Geometry Dash Trump Circles

Geometry Dash Trump Circles is a fan-made game created by Rlol based on the popular game Geometry Dash. The game is rated 10 stars at the Easy Demon level and has 3 user coins. As long as the main object reaches the finish line safely, players are counted as the winners, no matter how many items are collected. The round in Geometry Dash Trump Circles has 46,408 objects. It was created by six different users. Equivalent to that are segments with challenging terrain.


The awkward segments of Trump Circles

The level begins with a normal-speed cube section with lyrics to the song, which is not very difficult. The player then enters a moderately difficult ship sequence, which requires basic straight-flying and timing abilities. The player then enters a ball segment with fake jump orbs and blocks, which requires memorizing where to go.

The next section is a simple normal-speed cube section with some timing involved. The player then moves on to the first part of the Nine Circles triple-speed wave segment, which has a custom background and good color pairings. The second section is a different-looking wave segment. The last ~20% of the level is a half-speed cube section, which is considered easy due to the minimal effort required. The level ends with an auto-ship sequence with pixel art of the former president, Donald Trump.

How to maneuver geometry

Entities in Geometry Dash Trump Circles move at breakneck speed, and players need timely control commands to overcome them. If you are familiar with using a mouse, consecutive clicks will be the ideal command button. If you are more familiar with using the keyboard, you can choose one of two buttons: the spacebar or the up arrow.