Geometry Dash Theory of Insomnia

The creator, Dorami, expanded his work on the Geometry Dash user-level game series with the Theory of Insomnia version. The game's difficulty is rated as Hard Demon ten stars. Extremely dangerous, top-notch obstacle maps are waiting for players with the best maneuvering skills. As its name suggests, it is the second level in the Theory series. By controlling the object safely to the finish line, gamers win the game.

Glittershroom's 1.9 Easy Demon, Insomnia, has a layout modeled off of Theory of Everything 2 with over 6,200 items. Even though there are a few flaws and timing constraints in some places, the level is still regarded as the simplest Demon. Because of its ease of use and attraction to individuals attempting to defeat their first Demon, it is regarded as a "Very Easy Demon" and was created for novices.



The level starts with an autocube segment called "GLHF" (Good luck and have fun), taken after by a straightforward half-speed ball with fake thistles, spikes, and rings. The player then enters a mini-wave portion with tight spaces, a buggy simple cube area with gears and clusters of rings, and a drop with double speed. The level at that point transitions to a simple UFO with spikes and sideways columns, a wave with medium spaces and gears, an anti-gravity ship grouping, a triple-speed ball with fake blocks, vital timings, and bugs.

After that, it is a simpler wave with double paths, invisible spikes, and traps. A somewhat simple mini-ship continues with imperceptible sawblades, a UFO portion with half-speed speed, a double-speed cube segment, a slower maze ball section, and a ship sequence with sawblades and the title "Glittershroom." The level ends with a ship sequence featuring 1.6 sawblades and the title "Mushroom."

Some other information

  • Nox has created a V2 version of this level on Hard Demon difficulty.
  • It had a noteworthy effect since numerous gamers started to create Demon levels like Colornova, Color Rage, and many others that were fair for amateurs.
  • Additionally, Dako's level of the same name is rated as an Easy Demon. Regardless, it requires a highlight, unlike Glittershroom's level.
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