Geometry Dash Tetris Zone

Experience D is the gifted creator of the user-level game Geometry Dash Tetris Zone. The difficulty in this version is set to 8 stars. True to the name of the game, the sophisticated design and matrix inspiration are evoked from the blocks of the game Tetris. The game starts with a steady, moving cube and familiar terrain like boxes and triangles with sharp peaks on top. The object will continue to switch to the ball mode with fake barriers, causing distraction for players.


The details of this marvelous matrix

Tetris Zone begins with stable cube segments with jumps over several steps and jumping balls. A short distance later, it switches to UFO mode in a space of flashing shapes that appear and disappear. The player can control the entity to pass through these structures while they are immobilized or touch the safe surface above to move. After passing through a mirror portal, the entity's direction changes in the ship segment. The matrix is now covered with saw teeth. The object continues to change direction again with a cube shape. Players now need to be careful with real and fake spikes to avoid losing the game.

The round continues with the fastball, the ship, and the UFO, with the terrain remaining the same. At a drop, the cube jumps high and touches a few portals before transforming into a UFO. The level ends with the entity's UFO status. You create a few simple control commands to help the object reach its destination safely.

How to master the control command

To have smooth control steps, players first need to understand the main commands in this game. No different from other games in the same series, the Tetris Zone also has three control methods: click the mouse, press the up arrow, or use the spacebar.

Next, in order not to waste many tries with this difficult game, you can refer to the maze terrain in advance. The information in the preview above will help you. However, much of the success will depend on the gamers' ability to judge the situation. You must have accurate timing calculations to give reasonable control commands. Matrix hints will help you control the transformation of the main entity and the appearance of some important things. This way, you will be able to be proactive in creating your own strategies.

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