Geometry Dash Strekit

The marvelous audiovisual journey with Geometry Dash Strekit was created by RobZombiGD and Zeetoss. This user-level version is rated with 3 stars of difficulty and includes only 1 user coin. The game's designs are also unique, with the concept being objects related to Egypt such as sphinxes, pyramids, scorpions, and desert environments. The main object is divided in half at the beginning but will quickly merge and transform into some other shape. The pace of the game is extremely suitable for new players. The terrain does not change in any way, so you can use Geometry Dash Strekit as a demo to get used to the other extreme challenges of this adventure series.


The creative terrain

The highlight of Geometry Dash Strekit's matrix is the scene with surreal backgrounds. The level begins with a green, mountainous landscape and the dual-cube form of the main entity. Obstacles are now sharp spikes mounted on wide platforms. After moving through a transfer portal, the object arrives at the ship segment at a slow, steady speed. The scene changes to a city with a robot segment. The terrain and game pace remain stable. The round continues with a typical sandbox scene. At this point, the object will be in a cube state. After a short train and cube section, gamers enter the ball section with jumping balls and gravity gates appearing continuously. The round ends with the entity's cube state after a few simple navigation commands.

Location and method to collect the user coin

The only coin at this level is the robot segment in the second background scene. Gamers control the robot to jump a few basic steps and pay attention to the platform terrain next to the white arrow-shaped triangle. By directing the entity to jump down that platform, you will collect the coin.

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