Geometry Dash Speedrun

Kaito and Cinci's collaboration has resulted in the fascinating creation of the obstacle course matrix of the fan-made game Geometry Dash Speedrun. Although there are no exact levels, the complexity of this version's map will overwhelm players. Make sure you have an extremely fast ability to analyze the situation to keep up with the main object's moving speed. At the same time, your control skills also depend mainly on accurate timing.

One thing to notice in Geometry Dash Speedrun is that there is just one coin, which is found at 98% of the level. Players have to gather two keys in order to get this coin. You must hold onto the green dash orb in order to unlock the first key, which is placed at 15%. After that, the entity leaps sooner than normal to reach the second key, which is positioned at 50%, and lands on an unseen platform.


A preview of this matrix

Geometry Dash Speedrun doesn't have an exact difficulty level, but the version's rating level is Extreme Demon. This can be proven through complex challenges in the matrix. The number of objects appearing on the track is astonishing. The main object's movement speed is fast from the start, so control becomes even more difficult. The main obstacles in this version are sharp triangles and short slopes.

After resting in the 20% position, the player gets lost in the terrain of blocks shaped like Lego puzzles. The terrain then returns to the same as the first stage, with some changes in entity shape such as the dual cube, the UFO, the ball, the ship, and the robot. There are short waves that happen suddenly, making the object's speed formidable. The matrix in Geometry Dash Speedrun is quite long and complex. Although the obstacle layout remains almost unchanged throughout the adventure, these complexities will be the ultimate challenge for gamers' control abilities. The narrow paths and posts appearing throughout make the round's difficulty worthy of the Extreme Demon level.