Geometry Dash Speed Racer

Geometry Dash Speed Racer

Geometry Dash Speed Racer will make the racing tracks become unbelievably difficult with ZenthicAlpha's talented creations. This fan-made game is set to the 10-star difficulty of the Easy Demon. Set like a real racetrack, the matrix in this version will occasionally appear in straight lines with arrow symbols indicating direction. The track opens with steady movements of the main object. The main entity has many shape changes that will be an extreme challenge for your sharp maneuvering techniques. In addition, it has 3 user coins.


Check out the difficult gameplay

The level begins with a basic cube segment with bounce rings and spikes. The round is followed by a mini-cube segment with traps and blue pads. The opening part closes with an auto portion in normal mode. The level at that point features three brief parts: a ship arrangement with undetectable spikes, a memory cube, and a ball fragment with essential squashing.

A semi-autocube area with some bounces and a variable-speed ship shows up. A mini ball with central blocks and clusters of speed portals is utilized to memorize the right way to dodge hitting an invisible spike.

The round continues with the ball becoming doubled with spikes and speed portals, disorienting players. In the event that you flip the gravity some time recently on the second mini ship, you will play the portion upside down, causing a crash at the following cube fragment. The level closes with a scaled-down ship sequence, the foundation turns dark, and the stamp of ZenthicAlpha appears.

User coins

  • 15%: To collect the first coin, you must control the entity to avoid hitting the pink jump orb in a mini-cube section at 15%.
  • 87%: In the final cube section, the object has to drop down into a block and jump back onto the last platform.
  • 97%: In the final half-speed ship sequence, it requires careful flight over the saw blade and a quick drop to avoid crashing into the spike.