Geometry Dash Solar Circles

Geometry Dash Solar Circles was created and published by D4rkGryf. With 10-star Medium Demon difficulty, the game promises to bring the most overwhelming obstacle-overcoming experiences to players. Besides, the music will make your adventure much more spiritual.

To control the main object moving in this difficult matrix, gamers can use the mouse or keyboard. By clicking the mouse, using the up arrow, or pressing the spacebar, players can choose the most suitable navigation command and get your game on now!


Let the stunning track start

The round starts with a cube segment with many blocks and cogs. Feel the music accurately and move your body to the beat to safely traverse the terrain in this opening section. Gamers control the object through a transformation portal and reach the ship segment. The terrain now consists of many slopes, saw teeth, and several gravity gates. The ball segment continues with not much difference in terrain or speed.

Then, you join a short cube section before speeding up to the pounding music with a series of waves twice as fast. The single and double wave segments last quite a long time before the object stabilizes at a slower speed in the ship segment. The round ends when the cube makes a few jumps that require high precision onto the jumping balls placed on high-rise pillars.

Thus, we can see that the transformations in the matrix of Geometry Dash Solar Circles are not too complicated. The most awkward part is the wave sequence near the end of the track. At that time, the terrain consisted of narrow slopes, and the speed of objects pushed up was the highest. In addition, fake objects also distract gamers and easily make mistakes in navigating the main entity.

Some comments from users

  • This is the ideal Medium Demon level for players new to the advanced difficulty of the Geometry Dash series.
  • The music matches perfectly with the main entity's obstacle-avoiding moves. You can choose to listen to the music multiple times before participating in the main round. When challenged, let rhythm guide your commands.
  • If this level had user coins, this would be a great experience for mid-range, skilled players.