Geometry Dash Silent Circles

Geometry Dash Silent Circles

If you love to challenge yourself to achieve the impossible, try out Geometry Dash Silent Circles and see if you have what it takes to defy all the odds. Geometry Dash Silent Circles is one of the popular community levels that has yet to be rated due to its extreme difficulty and uncertainty over whether it is even possible to complete it. However, this remake version has been toned down considerably, so players have a higher chance of completing it!

Geometry Dash Silent Circles has gameplay similar to other levels in Geometry Dash. In this game, players take control of a small square character as it hops up and down in order to avoid obstacles. The character always moves at a constant rate and can change its form throughout the level. Keep on practicing and be the first one to finish Geometry Dash Silent Circles!


To control the character, press the spacebar or use the left mouse button.