Geometry Dash Shadow Temple

Geometry Dash Shadow Temple

Geometry Dash Shadow Temple is a user-level game by a well-known developer in the Geometry Dash community, Michigun. This platform game with 10-star Hard Demon difficulty will deliver heart-pounding thrills. You should be a veteran Dasher to have a chance to win this level. How to control a small cube that can transform into many other shapes to the finish line without any collision? Let's take a look around the map of Shadow Temple!


Walk through the Main Map

Covering the adventure in Geometry Dash Shadow Temple is a gloomy, dark color scheme. This lighting and visual element makes the game even more difficult to excel at because you need to observe closely.

The round begins with the cube jumping over the temple walls and transforming into a double cube shortly after. Passing through a series of spiked blocks, the character transforms into the ship form, with platforms covered with spikes and blocks similar to the previous segment. After the UFO and ball segments intertwine at normal speed, the mini cube section will then be at double speed. A short slide will take players into ship, wave, and ball gameplay consecutively at breakneck speed. The cube will successfully reach the finish line if it passes the same part of the map.

To Navigate Your Cube

Players can control the character with one of the following three keys: the left-click, the spacebar, or the up arrow.