Geometry Dash Sanctuary of Light

Geometry Dash Sanctuary of Light

Geometry Dash Sanctuary of Light is an entrancing new game in the Geometry Dash series, where you will be immersed in fascinating and challenging levels. Sanctuary of Light is the third level in the Crystal Gauntlet, coming after Crystal Fusion and before Prismarine. With sharp graphics, catchy music and complex obstacles, this game promises to give you moments of ultimate entertainment and challenge the skills of any gamer.


Unlock Marvelous Features

  • Sanctuary of Light is the user level of AbstractDark and has 6-star Harder difficulty and 3 user coins.
  • The background music in the game is a highlight not to be missed, with vibrant EDM melodies that create inspiration and rhythm for each dance step.
  • Character control couldn't be easier. You can choose between the spacebar, up arrow key, and mouse click key.

Travel on the Virtual Geometric Map

Geometry Dash Sanctuary of Light opens a magical virtual world with sparkling objects like gems. The crystal blocks are beautiful but also extremely dangerous, so be careful with each key press. You can collect the first coin at position 12% as soon as the character returns to normal gravity. A series of static platforms will lead the cube to the UFO part, and shipping is not too difficult. The second coin is under a platform with an arrow at the beginning of the ship section.

In the fabulous crystal castle of the robot passage, gamers can find the last coin at position 49%. The journey continues with waves and balls and a series of colorful blocks. A wonderful sapphire will guide you to victory if you avoid the debris from this object.