Geometry Dash ReTraY

Geometry Dash ReTraY's unique retro green design and pixel art and effects were created very successfully by DiMaViKuLov26. This fan-made game is rated Easy with a 2-star difficulty. This will be an ideal opportunity for new players who want to explore the first simple steps in manipulating the object in the game world of Geometry Dash. Geometry Dash ReTraY is regarded as easier than RobTop's easiest levels such as Stereo Madness, The Challenge, and Back on Track. Immediately after performing a few simple control steps, the object changes to half speed, then returns to normal speed. After that, it goes to quadruple speed for a few blocks and then returns to double speed. Besides, in this track, it has 3 user coins at different locations.


Check out the fascinating track

The level starts with a half-speed cube segment with the content "8 Bit Game." After a bounce, players will enter a half-speed arrangement, with various squares blazing. After passing the second wall, you can direct the object to fly upward to get the coin and return to the normal course.

The object then changes to a straightforward UFO segment with safe obstacles, blazing concurrent to the beat. The ball segment vibrates, and the second coin is found there. Gamers do not have to tap, click, or press to return to the ordinary course.

The moment the ship begins with a normal speed and a seller-like course. The speed changes to half, and at that point, the object backs to typical mode, with obstacles flashing. The speed still increases, goes to quadruple speed for some blocks, then back to double mode.

A double-speed wave section opens with arrows flashing on pathways, but there's a press counter at the top right corner. The level takes place after a normal speed-scaled-down cube with pixelated UFOs afterward. The speed continues to transform to half mode with the message "THANKS FOR PLAYING," a circle with a heart within the center, and a smiley emoticon. The final coin is in the circled heart.

Let’s find the user coins

The game includes collecting three user coins: one at 15%, one at 31%, and the last one at 95%.

  • The first coin is in the ship section, with randomly appearing squares vanishing.
  • The second coin is in the ball segment, with tapping to move it up rather than following arrows.
  • The third coin is a UFO fragment, with a heart in a circle, and is covered up at 95%.
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