Geometry Dash Red Sun

Geometry Dash Red Sun

Geometry Dash Red Sun is a fan-made version of the game that was created with almost perfect design and features of the original. MrLee is a great developer of this user level. The difficulty of the game is also amazing with a 10-star Hard Demon level. This promises to bring players the most breathtaking feeling of overcoming obstacles.

Like most other games in the series, Geometry Dash Red Sun starts with a slow-moving cube. And what is the real challenge that makes the game's difficulty rate so high? These are gravity portals that change the direction of continuously appearing the entity. The object’s movements can cause dizziness for gamers.


Analyze the main point of this track

Geometry Dash Red Sun starts with an alternating cube and short ball segments. Obstacles in this section consist of pointed triangular blocks placed on wide platforms. The object changes direction at the 7% position with similar terrain. Additionally, the matrix appears with stairs and a few jumping balls. The entity continues to move through the mirror portals with a series of shape transitions, from cubes to balls and short ship segments. The round stabilizes the direction at 40%. At this point, you need to skillfully control the cube to reach safe blocks.

The round continues with another turn of the main object. The terrain does not change until a drop. In this segment, the object moves below the steps. The main obstacle is still the sharp triangular blocks. After continuously changing directions with cube segments and short ships, you control the cube to move steadily in the middle of the screen. Before reaching the finish line, the object moves through a colored gravity portal and leaps onto the terrain above the screen.

Control a transformation object

To control the main object in this game, gamers can choose one of three ways: use the left-click, press the spacebar, or press the up arrow. These command buttons have the same function. So, choose the most convenient way for you to have accurate navigation for the entity. Besides, timing is a very important factor in overcoming all obstacles. Players need to pay attention to the speed of the main object to have appropriate navigation and reasonable timing.