Geometry Dash Rebound

Geometry Dash Rebound

The 6-star Geometry Dash Rebound challenges players to foresee a variety of dangers and impediments, including swaying platforms, spikes, and other interactive elements that are timed with the game's soundtrack. The level could also have unique Distortt and Torch121 created visual effects and design elements to enhance the gameplay experience.

In addition to the objective of completing the level, Geometry Dash Rebound allows players to collect 3 user coins in order to access additional challenges and rewards. The fact that these user coins are typically hidden in hard-to-reach areas or require more skill to obtain makes the level considerably tougher.


Walk through the track

Geometry Dash Rebound starts with a stable cube segment. The player performs a few simple control commands to make the object move across large platforms. After a short break at 14%, gamers come to the robot segment with a slightly faster speed. The terrain at this time is blocks with a pointed triangle above. The safest way to move is to direct the entity to touch the jumping balls in the middle of the screen or the wide platforms below. Segmentation of the train and short spider chains was then performed on the same terrain.

The round transitions to the UFO segment after the screen turns black for a moment. The matrix is now decorated with jagged teeth. Sharp-tipped obstacles are mounted on wide platforms. Gamers navigate the entity, moving through the spaces between the pillars to safety, and reach the wave. Then, the object's speed is increased by half in the spider and ball segments, respectively. The pace stabilizes with the entity's robot, cube, and ship forms. Finally, the round ends after you navigate the ship through some simple pillars and reach the finish line.

Find out all user coins

  • In the robot segment at position 24%, the first coin appears between the two columns. Instead of controlling the object to move straight, you drop the robot onto the two platforms below to detect and retrieve the coin.
  • Right at the beginning of the wave segment, at position 54%, the second coin appears. This item is located in the lower terrain, next to a spiked fence. Gamers maneuver objects downward to win the coin.
  • 99%: The last coin will automatically be collected when you complete all obstacles and slide objects to the finish line.

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