Geometry Dash Quantum Processing

Genius game creator Riot brings another fan-made masterpiece called Geometry Dash Quantum Processing. With the 10-star Extreme Demon level, the maze in this version will bring dazzling experiences to gamers. You have to maneuver the main entity across several waves, one of which is a dual-wave section with faux lining. In addition, the level changes to a mini-ship portion, a timed ball segment, a tight ship sequence, and a cube segment with orbs and spikes.


Let your track start right away

The level starts with a cube segment, taken after by troublesome bounces, orbs, and a gravity entry. Players must explore through blue, green, and pink orbs. Next, it includes a triple spike jump that occurred some time ago, coming to a circle maze to reach the wave section. The wave portion is tight and requires the greatest concentration, with risks like cogwheels and ranges. The dual segment is difficult but presently includes fake lining. The other segment includes a tight ship sequence, a timing ball fragment, and a mini-ship section with fake cushions and orbs. The ball closes with a timing and the text 'GO!'.

The wave fragment returns to its unique fashion, with more tightly spaced spaces as major obstacles. The diversion moves to double and, after that, back to normal, with minimal change in gameplay. The following section highlights a cube with timing jumps, spikes, and orbs. The level also features a UFO, gravity portals, and a mini-portal. The cube segment incorporates fake spikes and orb timing. The level continues with a narrow ship sequence, a ball fragment with fake circles, a UFO with gravity entrances, a cube segment with difficult hops, and a little maze of blocks and circles. The final jumps are stamped with 'YOU WIN', and the level closes with a yellow pad.

Control the automatic geometry

The object in the game will move continuously and you must control its movement to complete the exploration. You have two choices: use the mouse or use the keyboard. Commands that repeatedly left-click, press the spacebar multiple times, or use the up arrow continuously will be more effective for you. Choose a suitable command and get your game on now!


  • The total number of objects in this version is 21,268.
  • Some of Quantum Processing's most outstanding achievements are #7 on the Demonlist and #12 on the Low Refresh Rate Mobile.
  • This user-level game is verified by Rampage. He also thinks that this version deserves to be in the top 5 hardest Demons.
  • Quantum Processing has a rebirth version called “Infinite Process”.
  • You can see the word “YOU WIN” near the end of the track. However, a small mistake that causes you to lose will turn this line into "YOU LOSE".
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