Geometry Dash Polihedral

Geometry Dash Polihedral

Geometry Dash Polihedral is a fan-made game from the hit series Geometry Dash. This user level was created by CreatorFreeze with a 6-star difficulty of the Harder level, and it has only one user coin. This is also the first level of the gauntlets that has less than 3 user coins. Barriers in Geometry Dash Polihedral appear in a variety of shapes, such as spheres, monsters, spiked fences, upside-down tunnels, and so on. Players control the entity to overcome obstacles by clicking the mouse, using the up arrow, or pressing the spacebar.


Get acquainted with the unique matrix

  • 0-20%: The level features a cube section with blue and indigo decorations, a slow ship section with green decorations, and a ball section before transitioning back to a cube.
  • 21-40%: The level transitions from blue to black and auto, with three orbs required for a drop. The object then enters an auto-blue-pad section with the cube form.
  • 41-71%: This is the longest section of the level. The drop begins with a triple-speed ship section, where players must navigate around spikes and pillars. The ship briefly switches to slow speed, then back to triple speed. The level then transitions to a triple-speed mini-UFO with green decorations. The UFO becomes slow and upside-down, then right-side up, regular size, and then mini. The level fades to white for a transition.
  • 72-100%: The level transitions into a ball section with orbs and timings, a ship section that changes size, and a slow-down ball section. This round ends with the UFO segment, with the end-screen expressing gratitude and revealing the creators' names.

Only one user coins

The only coin at this level is located at 86% of the matrix. Immediately after entering the ball segment, a yellow jumping pad will appear. Gamers control the entity to touch the jumping pad to fly up and collect silver coins.