Geometry Dash Platinum Adventure

Geometry Dash Platinum Adventure

The movements of overcoming obstacles at incredible speeds by the main object in Geometry Dash Platinum Adventure will bring extreme difficulty to every player. This level of Demon is a 10-star difficulty game created by Jerry Bronze V. Gamers' task is to navigate the main object to its destination safely. You can track the progress displayed by the angled gray bar on the screen.

Besides, you can control the main entity to collect all three user coins appearing in different positions in the matrix. Geometry Dash Platinum Adventure allows you to play multiple times, so accumulate items gradually to completely beat the game.


The tricky track of Platinum Adventure

The round contains 11,053 objects. It begins with the ship segment, with large spaces of high-rise rainbow blocks and teleportation gates. The object will then double its speed at the location of the sharp triangles and wave segments.

After navigating the entity through a portal, the player can see segments of several jump rings. The entity's velocity continues to increase dramatically in the UFO section. The robot, ship, and cube shapes then take place with some fairly simple control tricks. The speedball segment continues the round with a terrain of short tunnels and saw blades in a bright red background. The level ends after the cube performs a few simple jumps on the floating platforms.

Locations of user coins

  • 4%: Gamers click the mouse, press the spacebar, or use the up arrow key to direct the entity into a narrow space in ship mode. The first coin appears here.
  • 20%: Instead of moving with a steady lower route, the player navigates the object into a passage above to collect the second coin.
  • 98%: This coin is easy to ignore because the player will lose control commands after moving the cube and jumping over the platforms. This last item is notched on the side of the pedestal with the last pointed triangle.

There is an interesting story about user coins: many users think this version has 5 instead of 3 as announced. However, in reality, the matrix actually only has 3 user coins located in the above locations.