Geometry Dash Plasmatron

Geometry Dash Plasmatron

Distortt produced the amazing Harder Level Geometry Dash Plasmatron, which has a 7-star difficulty rating and 3 user coins. The level is well-liked and tough for players to try to finish because of its high difficulty rating and distinctive obstacles and difficulties. Players may have a distinctive and difficult gaming experience in this fan-made level of the Geometry Dash game.

The special hurdles, time problems, and gaming dynamics in Geometry Dash Plasmatron call for exact skills and focus to conquer. In this user-level version, gathering all three user coins increases the difficulty for players who aim to finish the level by discovering all of its secrets. In particular, in this adventure, there also appears to be a one-eyed monster with a deadly laser beam. You must navigate the character to avoid obstacles and avoid this creature's attacks.


Identify the location of user coins

  • The first user coin is at the 30% position. In the aircraft segment, gamers control the flying object along the path below. The item is located under a brick wall, you can easily spot and collect.
  • The second user coin is in the robot segment, at the 50% position. The player directs the entity to jump down from a ladder to retrieve the coin. Don't worry about the terrain ahead because as soon as you get the item. The robot will automatically return to the main track thanks to the teleportation function.
  • The last user coin will be easy to miss if you don't have a quick eye. In the cube segment at position 56%, gamers need to move the object to touch the two golden balls to jump up and collect this final item.

Some advice from Dasher

Players can refer to a few suggestions and tips below to experience the game more effectively:

  • Although the music in this game is very exciting and encouraging, turn it off if it distracts you.
  • Refer to the matrix layout before participating in the main round.
  • Remember or record difficult segments to proactively plan your conquest strategy.
  • Gamers do not necessarily collect user coins.
  • Do not challenge multiple times at the same time. It's not good for your round performance and your health.