Geometry Dash Parallel World

Geometry Dash Parallel World is a challenging game created by IRabb2tI, where players face enemies from alternate dimensions. The difficulty level in this round is 10-star Medium Demon level. You need to concentrate highly because you may have to replay many times at a checkpoint because you cannot give commands to control the object in time.


Discover the straight race of this version

Geometry Dash Parallel World starts with a cube section and terrain consisting of blocks and pointed triangles. Along with that, the appearance of countless blue jumping balls will make the object's movement more exciting, along with the music. The terrain doesn't change much until you get to the ball segment at 39%. At this time, the safe zone will be large, ladder-shaped floating platforms. Musical notes will serve as decoration in a matrix of continuous spiky blocks and gravity gates. The entity returns to cube form shortly after, with the same terrain as the opening scene. The game ends with a short train segment. Gamers perform a few simple control steps to help the object avoid obstacles in a wide moving space.

How to control the geometry

Entities in Geometry Dash Parallel World do not change complexly. You can use the left-click, the up arrow, or the spacebar to maneuver the main object. This game, like other versions in the series, requires high concentration from gamers. You need precise timing to deliver timely entity navigation. A small collision also makes you have to challenge yourself again from the beginning.

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