Geometry Dash Paint On Track

Scribbled drawings have become the art of design by the creator Rockjak460 (Hysteric) in the fan-made game Geometry Dash Paint On Track of the famous game series. The game has an easy 2-star difficulty level and includes 3 user coins. The picture in the game is modeled after the shape of the gravities that often appear in games in the Geometry Dash series. The entity's speed remains stable throughout the distance, with only one change to another state, which is airplane mode. This user-level version is especially suitable for newcomers who want to experience this difficult game series.


Let the paper track start

Geometry Dash Paint On Track opens with basic cube segmentation. The player controls the entity to jump over spiked triangles and move to single platforms. From the 17% position, the terrain changes to a thorny fence below. At this point, the player needs to navigate the cube to jump onto wide platforms and floating blocks for safety.

The terrain is maintained in a 50% position. Gamers arrive at the airship section after the object passes through a portal. The matrix now has walls with virtual borders that can be moved through. After the ship passes through a short tunnel, the object returns to its cube shape. The layout of the track at this point is the same as the opening. The round ends with the cube maintaining its shape and speed. Gamers navigate the object through a number of small gaps between two pillars to safely reach the finish line.

The unique creation of the matrix

All matrices in Geometry Dash Paint On Track are drawn by hand. The shapes of things appear with scribbles, creating a unique version. Even the main entity is designed this way. You can see that the objects in the matrix are all created on a background that resembles notebook pages. Although there are only imperfect sketches, the level still has appeal because of its ease. This will be the ideal choice for new players. In addition, the appearance of user coins also makes the gamers' experience more challenging.

User coins

User coins in this version are also created with drawings. Once collected, they will turn into coins commonly found in other versions. The positions of these valuable items in this matrix are:

  • 41%: The player controlling the cube touches a jumping ball placed between the spike fence at position 40%. A jump of the object can collect floating coins.
  • 56%: The object needs to move across the virtual border of the wall to collect the coin located within it.
  • 84%: The player lets the cube move straight along the thorn fence below. Don't worry, they won't make you lose. The final coin appears above a jumping pad.
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