Geometry Dash Nine Circles

Zobros is the creator of the user-level game Geometry Dash Nine Circles. The game's difficulty is 10 stars of the Hard Demon level, and the hidden maze contains 3 user coins. This version of the game does not display percentages on the route display bar. Therefore, players who want to collect user coins can pay attention to the state of the main object at the ball, the wave, and the final cube segment. The most difficult challenge of the game is the small upside-down wave segment. Finally, the track ends with a few simple control tricks.


Discover the bewitching gameplay

The round starts with an easy cube segment with a few short jumps. Immediately after that, the high-speed train section increases the difficulty with more complex slopes and terrain. Gravity portals and jumping balls will appear in the ball segment. However, there will be many spheres pretending to be unbalanced for the main entity. Gamers can pay attention to the dark and light graphics to distinguish. Besides, you need to navigate the object, avoiding sharp spikes and jagged teeth. The tempo drops with the cube, slow and easy. Simplicity goes all the way to the 48% position.

The next round continues to increase the difficulty with the upside-down wave segment at three times the speed. The object then switches size twice during this wave segment. This is considered the most difficult position in the level, requiring absolutely precise control commands. The round ends with a challenging cube segment, planned jumps, and a well-timed orb, similar to Zobros' signature in other Nine Circles levels.

User coins

  • The ball segment is at position 26%, the first coin appears in between the two yellow and blue jumping balls. The player moves the object close to the terrain below to collect it.
  • The second coin appears in the first fast wave at position 56%. Gamers pay attention to the terrain above the narrow tunnel to spot and collect coins.
  • Final cube segment, at position 98%, after overcoming all obstacles, the third coin is collected easily.
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