Geometry Dash Moon Adventure

Geometry Dash Moon Adventure

Experience D once again designed a version of the game with the ultimate obstacle matrix, Geometry Dash Moon Adventure. The maze background is the sparkling effect of stars in outer space. The shapes in this track are mostly round, like the moon, with sharp spikes surrounding them.

The terrain of Geometry Dash Moon Adventure is considered difficult due to the continuous appearance of cubes. Besides, the moving light effects in perfect harmony with the music also make the adventure more challenging. Jumping balls are the objects that appear the most in this version's matrix. With surrounding light edges, gamers can feel like they are lost in a magical circular maze. In addition, real and saw blades are also arranged everywhere. They can easily cause collisions, but players can control the main entity that touches the jumping balls to overcome these obstacles. Geometry Dash Moon Adventure ends with a narrow tunnel just large enough for the ship to slide through.


Master your skills

Geometry Dash Moon Adventure's game pace is not too fast, but the designs in the matrix easily cause collisions. First of all, players need to choose a suitable maneuver command. Using familiar operations will help improve the round's effectiveness. After that, you can preview the matrix terrain by reading the preview or watching videos of other players. This requires gamers' memory abilities but will bring initiative to control strategies. In addition, don't hesitate to try many times until you master and completely conquer this track.