Geometry Dash Magmaniac

Geometry Dash Magmaniac

Geometry Dash Magmaniac will make you immerse yourself in the ultimate light of poetic colors in the matrix of the obstacle course game. Whirl created this user-level version with a 10-star Easy Demon difficulty. The maze designs in this version are extremely overwhelming, with volcanoes erupting with stunning effects. Along with that, the appeal of the map's complexity is also a factor in the game's success. Players need to have good reflexes to promptly handle continuous barriers. Besides, the terrain in Geometry Dash Magmaniac also changes frequently, distracting gamers' concentration.


The charming background and matrix

Geometry Dash Magmaniac carries a fixed concept design. Covering the entire matrix is the terrain of beautiful volcanic eruptions. These eye-catching backgrounds are also a factor that makes gamers lose focus and cause collisions. Along with that, the background music with vibrant and cheering rhythms is also a great plus point for this user-level version.

Get ready for the most extreme challenges because the main object will have breakneck speed right from the first segments. Transformation portals appear continuously, causing the entity's shape to change. Each type of shape will have different ways of moving and affecting gravity. Besides, the appearance of jumping spheres also makes the movement of the main geometry more unpredictable.

During the adventure, gamers will have short breaks with a few simple control commands. However, right after that time, it will be a difficult pace to keep up with. Geometry Dash Magmaniac requires players' agility. You even have to participate in challenges many times to memorize the terrain before overcoming them. Finally, the level ends when the cube jumps into an active volcano. A small screen vibration occurred, and an overwhelming “hall of fame” board appeared with version names and contributors.