Geometry Dash Lost Dunes

Geometry Dash Lost Dunes

The combination of N R G and DavJT created a game with impressive matrix design, Geometry Dash Lost Dunes. The difficulty of this round is 10 stars, and only 1 user coin appears. In addition, the soundtrack and superb visuals also increase the appeal of unforgettable expeditions. This user-level version is a challenging adventure game that features a ship segment, a UFO stage, a long ball segment, a brief cube section, an alternating wave, and a unique spider segment. There is a basic cube stage at the beginning of the game. The game ends with a cube auto-stage and a unique spider portion. Players must move between spheres and platforms, avoiding obstacles, and return to normal in order to complete the game.


The details of this matrix and user coins

Geometry Dash Lost Dunes has a speed cube section right from the start, with sharp triangles and hidden saw blades. The speed of the object will overwhelm you soon after with its rapid changes and complex terrain. The decorative saw blade designs make the matrix sparkle with light. However, this can also be an obstacle to your vision. The entity changes to robot form at the 19% position at a constant speed. Touching some jump balls is necessary to avoid colliding with obstacles in the narrow passage.

After exiting the tunnel, the pace of the round eases back into the cube segment. Get ready because what follows is a fastball segment with a terrain of wide platforms, slopes, and long tunnels. The short wave segment combined with the cube portion continuously changes until it reaches the 78% position. Here is the airplane segment and then the short UFO segment. The level ends when the object is in robot form. The player makes a few jumps to reach the upper terrain at the end to collect a unique user coin. Then the screen shows the names of the two creators, and the game ends.

Enjoy the charming backgrounds

The setting in Geometry Dash Lost Dunes changes many times. Each scene has its own attractions. The opening is a terrain like a volcano with molten lava. Next, you will explore a collapsed temple. The ancient torches and pillars make the scene more mysterious. A factory filled with cogs will frame the next short scene. After going through a brick wall, you will be challenged in a long, narrow tunnel. The final segment of the adventure is a quick transition from sandy terrain to a simple black-and-white matrix.