Geometry Dash LIMBO

Geometry Dash LIMBO

Savor a surreal adventure with Geometry Dash LIMBO to enjoy the most overwhelming track experiences. Extreme Demon level with a 10-star difficulty rating, MindCap, Djoxy, and BGram created this extremely complex formation. Barriers in the game will make players dizzy with their frequency of appearance and status. The main entity needs to be controlled to reach the finish line safely and complete the challenge. Obstacles in Geometry Dash LIMBO come in many different shapes. Their constant change, combined with the vibrant melody of the background music, creates a colorful matrix.

History of this version

LIMBO is a game set in the 1980s steel factory where a scientist creates artificial intelligence to solve dangerous situations. The manager hires the scientist to create EAM-17, a machine capable of performing all tasks simultaneously. The manager is concerned about the machine's future and its impact on workers. The scientist reveals a failsafe key, but the manager fails to activate it. The machine malfunctions, and the scientist is killed by a claw. The AI blends the factory like an abandoned facility, ready to kill anyone who dares to enter. The cube aims to prevent AI casualties and shut it down, while the manager wakes up in a bluish factory, desperate to find the end before being trapped forever.


Overwhelming segmentation system

With the creative participation of many different users, the segments in Geometry Dash LIMBO are also extremely diverse, with a total of 18 parts.

Difficult scenes with constant changes occur in at most 5% of positions from 47 to 52%. The mini-wave game mode of Stormfly features complex wave corridors, D-blocks, and spikes. The player must memorize corridors and hold onto them to avoid dying. The level speeds up to double-speed, requiring the player to navigate spike pillars with safe spaces. The final segment involves a triple-speed memorization segment with slopes with D-blocks, and the section fades to white. This version's gameplay remains similar to Rearmed, but with more intricate mechanics.

The most famous segment is in the last 13% of the track, with designs by crohn44 and MindCap. This part is the last wave of the level, which consists of eight keys placed at random. Players must navigate between circular patterns and pulsing lines. To avoid tumbling onto the floor spikes, they must obtain the key after completing the first stage.

More interesting information

  • The number of objects appearing is crazy with 392,425 items with a total track completion time of 3’27”.
  • This is level #7 in the Demonlist.
  • Viper Venom 95 became the first LIMBO winner completing it after 13,028 attempts.
  • Presently, LIMBO ranks above UNKNOWN and below KOCMOC as the second-hardest level without a lowercase letter in its name.
  • The level, 'Memory Titan', was named after a Twitter tweet by MindCap, expressing concern about BGram's death at 97%, suggesting GDToday would likely post a ruthless 97 spikes.
  • MindCap installed an anti-cheat system after showcasing his decorated part on YouTube, allowing people to pause the game and watch the replay precisely.