Geometry Dash Laser Room

Geometry Dash Laser Room

Geometry Dash Laser Room is a fan-made game inspired by the most famous game, Geometry Dash Lite. TrueNature is the creator of this exciting game with Demon difficulty rated up to ten stars. The matrix in this version is a collection of blocks that are highlighted by flashing laser beams, creating overwhelming images and extremely vibrant sounds. Players will win when the main object safely touches the target wall.

The pace of Geometry Dash Laser Room is very fast, so observing obstacles becomes more dizzying than ever. The main entity will experience continuous barriers in various states with 11,104 objects. Gamers can observe the progress on the yellow bar in the upper corner of the screen.


The level begins with a cube section that requires you to learn the easy jumps. The object then changes into a smaller version and engages in a fast-paced memory game. A dual cube with simple orb timings and reaction times appears. The duo transforms into a spaceship outfitted with a gravity portal. There are monsters who seem like they belong in the original Clubstep after a section involving UFOs. By doubling and tripling their speed, the entity can change into an inverted mini-ship and a ball. The creator's signature appears, but the player needs to stay in the air to avoid collisions. The creator's signature appears, signaling the end of the level.

To control the main entity of Geometry Dash Laser Room, players can use one of these methods:

  • Click on the screen
  • Press the UP arrow
  • Press the Spacebar