Geometry Dash Koenigstein

Geometry Dash Koenigstein

Geometry Dash Koenigstein and the vibrant rhythm in each dance step are waiting for pro Dashers to discover. The 10-star Easy Demon difficulty level will be a real test for all types of gamers. You will need a lot of time to practice and get used to the continuously changing geometric map.


Explore the Main Map

Developer Woom's user level opens with a slow and fairly simple cube section. This segment features many orbs, and you need to utilize them for every jump of the cube. You can see that the first portal will slow down the character's movement. Switching to ship form, the character will move through a corridor of yellow orbs and return to the cube before falling down the elevator shaft.

The round pace is faster, with the character's speed tripling in the UFO section. Geometry Dash Koenigstein continues with the short spider section and quickly moves on to wave play. The long robot section, with the speed continuing to increase after that, will overwhelm you for a while. The continuous transition in gameplay after that will not stop, and the pace of the round will also change erratically. You will win if you survive the tough double block section to get to the simple robot segment and reach the finish line.

More Exciting Information

  • Geometry Dash Koenigstein has appeared in Weekly Demon and is a level in Galaxy Gauntlet, following Fizzy Fossils and preceding Xin Chao.
  • The level's name is named after a famous fort in Germany.