Geometry Dash Killbot

Geometry Dash Killbot

Experience system failure situations in the technology matrix of Geometry Dash Killbot. Lithifusion created this game at the Extreme Demon level with a difficulty of 10 stars. Effects such as computer technical errors will appear continuously on the game screen, causing dizziness for gamers. The main entity will still move continuously, even when display content blocks your view.

The road in Geometry Dash Killbot is not long; the terrain and direction of travel also do not change unpredictably, but be careful of difficulties that block visibility. Prove your extremely sharp reflexes and improvisation skills through this game!


The process to get the current version

In June 2017, Lithifusion released a preview for the game's difficult level, Killbot. The level was regarded as a competitor for the greatest level ever and as being on the "God Eater-tier". Different levels of verification were attained by Atomic, Sylz, Antares, BoldStep, Zylenox, ChilliusVGM, and Sylz. The most difficult memory level to beat on a controller, Zylenox confirmed the highly enhanced version after 38,358 attempts.

The charming plot

Killbot and Requiem are two depressing stories. Killbot is a computer virus that causes insane images and self-harm. Players sneak into a cave after downloading and uninstalling an antivirus program. In Requiem, players face shadows and ghosts, trying to escape the virus's memories. They are aware that self-defense cannot solve the problem on its own.

The complex matrix

The beginning of the round is a mechanical matrix with neon colors and flashing light effects. Short cube segments through a few single steps and quickly transforms into robot mode with multiple jumping spheres. This is immediately followed by a double-speed ball segment with terrain consisting of single stairs, jumping balls, and countless gravity gates. At this time, the vibrant melody is clearly shown through the flash of red light on the screen. It can make gamers' vision difficult.

After moving through a navigation mirror, the entity arrived at the UFO segment. The object returns to its direction of travel and cube shape with a rapid wave segment before experiencing a short double segment. Airship and UFO modes close the matrix's dizziness. The round ends with a short cube mode with the name of the version appearing on the screen.