Geometry Dash Kenos

Geometry Dash Kenos

Get ready to experience incredibly complex gameplay and the ultimate soundtrack in Geometry Dash Kenos. Bianox and npesta are the creators of this extreme game. The game is set to the Extreme Demon level with difficulty reaching up to 10 stars.

The game involves a series of stages, starting with a cube section where players must hit orbs carefully. Geometry Dash Kenos progresses to a mini-UFO section, where players must make multiple accurate hits. You must navigate through various obstacles, such as spikes and sawblades, and navigate around obstacles at high speed. The matrix ends with a mini-wave section, where it has the obstacles at half-speed. The final part is a fast-paced wave section. Gamers maneuver the main object by clicking the mouse, pressing the up arrow, or using the spacebar.


History of the version’s process

  • The creation process: In December 2016, a 13-28% decoration was used in the initial YouTube preview of the Kenos level. The current level was determined by the results of a creator contest sponsored by ChiefFlurry in February 2017. With the addition of arbitrary gravity portals to the waves, the level was finished in April 2018.
  • The verification process: After being handed over to Combined, the verifier ChiefFlurry published recordings of their progress. On the level, they each scored 71%, 90%, and 97%. MirQ, Crazen, and lastly npesta, who is credited for confirming Deimos and WOW, were the ones to get Kenos. Npesta struggled with the level even though they made progress, and they ultimately failed with 90%. After a day to confirm the level and 135,320 attempts and 117 streams, he fixed Spectex's portion and finished the level.


  • The number of segments designed by many creators has brought this version to 156,999 objects. However, even more surprising is that the time to complete this matrix only takes 1'58". This is a terrible speed, worthy of a 10-star Extreme Demon rating.
  • This level ranks #2 in the Demonlist.
  • Although it hasn't been posted to the Geometry Dash servers, Combined has already certified an easier version of the level.
  • If the player in level PP misses the yellow orb during the drop, they will be taken to a variation of one of Kenos' wave portions in layout.