Geometry Dash Jump

Geometry Dash Jump

Geometry Dash Jump is an obstacle course game on a closed box map. Players control a cube to participate in challenges with different terrains. Your task is not to let the object collide with the sharp spikes. At the same time, the cube needs to collect every star in the map to be able to unlock the door to the next level.

The round in Geometry Dash Jump will open immediately after you complete the task in the previous round. The arrangement of platforms and spiked blocks will increase in difficulty. The object will automatically move back and forth between the two sides of the terrain. Players click on the screen to maneuver the box and jump up.


The difference from the original game

Looking at the game name and the objects appearing in Geometry Dash Jump, we can easily see that this is a version inspired by the popular Geometry Dash series. However, this is not an adventure on sprawling maps with constantly changing challenges. This game is more about collecting items than overcoming obstacles. However, players still need sharp reflexes to promptly issue reasonable control commands. What are you waiting for? Challenge this unique game right away!