Geometry Dash Infinite Circles

Geometry Dash Infinite Circles

Geometry Dash Infinite Circles by creator Startor has a 10-star Easy Demon difficulty. This level in the Nine Circles List will frustrate you with its long and extremely difficult wave segments. In this game, players will face heart-stopping threats from both the terrain and character transformations. An initially small cube can transform into different shapes, sizes, and gravities. You can follow the changes after the character jumps through the portal to quickly keep up with the pace. Furthermore, be careful because Infinite Circles also has paths that can make you lose direction and easily lose.


To maneuver the character, gamers can use the mouse button, up arrow key, or spacebar. Remember that different shapes will have their own moving characteristics, and you need to memorize them all to take the correct actions. You can also take advantage of rings and pads to make your character jump.

Collect 3 User Coins

Geometry Dash Infinite Circles has 3 user coins located at positions 12, 15, and 98%. Specifically:

  • The first coin is at the opening in the cube segment. You need to control the character to touch a blue orb to collect this item.
  • The second coin is in the ship segment. Instead of moving your character to fly along the middle of the screen, get close to a monster to get the coin.
  • The third coin appears next to a gray skull icon above the developer name. The character needs to land softly on the cluster of three spikes to collect this final coin.