Geometry Dash Ice of Dawn

The obstacle matrix with beautiful snowflakes and the excellent harmony of music in Geometry Dash Ice of Dawn were developed by Experience D. The shiny flashing shapes will be a real challenge to every gamer's maneuvering skills with a 10-star difficulty. It is the third level in Demon Pack 6, placed after Requiem. Besides, fake shapes will also appear to confuse the player's concentration. You control a cube that must navigate through obstacles like jump pads and spikes before steering a ship through more straightforward ones.


Adventure track of the Ice of Dawn verison

The first section of Ice of Dawn is a cube that has to investigate simple deterrents like bounce cushions and spikes. After then, the action shifts to a ship that encounters common obstacles as well. However, the player must be cautious since the ship's direction and estimation might vary during the level. With a middle-of-the-road cube segment that demands greater precision than the main, the level slopes upward to the problem. Finally, the level ends with a mini-UFO section where players must investigate obstacles while in a smaller, more portable craft.

For those seeking to progress in the game, Geometry Dash Ice of Dawn provides an enjoyable and somewhat easy challenge overall. Its straightforward gameplay and currency requirement make it accessible to a broad range of players, but its 10-star rating ensures that it continues to provide a traditional challenge for anyone seeking to advance their skills.


  • Ice of Dawn is one of the most well-known inventions of the talented Korean amusement engineer Geometry Dash.
  • As an Easy Demon, the level is regarded as fair for players who are just getting started with the Geometry Dash series.
  • This level doesn't have any coins since it was created before 2.0 and hasn't been updated.
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