Geometry Dash HyperSonic

Geometry Dash HyperSonic

The matrix of deadly electric currents will be perfectly recreated in the user-level game Geometry Dash HyperSonic. This game was created by Viprin with a 10-star difficulty for the Extreme Demon level. The terrain and barriers in the matrix change continuously at the dizzying speed of movement of the main object. You win when the entity reaches the finish line safely. The road in Geometry Dash HyperSonic is not long, but the challenges therein require high concentration and professional maneuver commands from every player. Navigate the object with amazing movements by clicking the mouse, using the spacebar, or pressing the up arrow.


The complicated matrix

The round begins with a cube jumping segment on tall poles with terrain featuring pointed triangles, jumping balls, and saw blades. The object then transforms into a dual cube over a wide distance and easily overcomes obstacles. Immediately after that, the object accelerated and transformed continuously with the overwhelming speed of the robot, the ball, the cube, the ship, and the UFO section.

The mini-geometry segment occurs briefly before arriving at the entity's aircraft mode. The game's rhythm continues to increase in entity dual mode. Players need precise timing to maneuver the cube safely into single ladders, jumping balls, and gravity gates. A matrix with single steps and jumping balls appears across the screen during the ball segment. The round ends after a series of rapid transformations of the entity, and the cube jumps onto the screen with the word “Hype Sonic”.