Geometry Dash Hydra

Geometry Dash Hydra

Geometry Dash Hydra is a user-level game from the hit series and was created by Darwin. This version has a 6-star difficulty level and includes 3 user coins located in different, inconspicuous locations. Besides, throughout the main object's journey, players can see five small stars scattered from beginning to end. Gamers win when controlling the main object to the finish line safely.

Players must make your way past spike-filled obstacles, cube gauntlets, and neon neon tunnels in this exhilarating game. You have to become adept at controlling the UFO, overcoming confusing gravity portals and sudden color shifts. In the game's famous twin cube and ball levels, only the most committed players can overcome Hydra's insistence on accuracy and advance to the finish.


Collect 3 user coins

User coins in Geometry Dash Hydra appear in locations where the object move at fast speeds. Therefore, please read the information below immediately so you don't miss any valuable items!

  • 33%: The first coin appears close to the terrain below the screen. The player controls an object in the form of an airship through a small passage to collect this coin.
  • 44%: During the fast wave segment, the second coin appears in the middle of a steep terrain below. After moving the object through a waterfall of fire, you navigate the entity downward to retrieve this coin.
  • 97%: The remaining coin is located at 97%, in the UFO segment. Here, instead of moving steadily in the middle of the screen, the object needs to go through a small path between a column at the top to collect the coin.

How to maneuver the main geometry

Geometry Dash Hydra, like other games in the series, requires players to have professional skills. A necessary level of concentration will help gamers handle situations and come up with reasonable strategies. Precise timing will be necessary for timely control commands. In addition, which command button to use is also one of the factors that creates success in the player's adventure. You can use the left-click, the spacebar, or the up arrow to maneuver the main entity.

Watch out for speed bumps and portals that will cause the object's movement to change continuously. Besides, touching the jumping balls will be extremely necessary in some cases where the matrix does not have safe platforms to move on.