Geometry Dash Hutaolloween

Geometry Dash Hutaolloween

Geometry Dash Hutaolloween will push you into an environment of awkward geometry in the spooky atmosphere of Halloween night. Darkness covers everything, and hideous creatures are ready to scare you. Prepare for a journey you won't want to turn back and reach an epic destination. This game has a 10-star Easy Demon difficulty with 3 user coins.


The Game for Pro Dashers

Developer SparksOmega seems to offer an extreme challenge for pro Dashers. Demon is the highest difficulty in the Geometry Dash series, with incredible changes throughout the round. You will need many attempts to memorize the map designs and character changes to pass.

Through the Complicated Map

Geometry Dash Hutaolloween has a dark theme with an overwhelming Halloween atmosphere. Players will play as a small cube that can transform into many different shapes. You will face a variety of dangers, such as spiked blocks, gears, crumbling platforms, walls, and even steep slopes. This almost unconquerable difficulty requires extreme concentration and precise keystrokes.

In addition, the dizzying pace and constant changes of the characters are also a difficult puzzle to solve. Furthermore, players can also encounter ghosts and strange pumpkins. Even the obstacles seem to have souls with scary faces. All of these experiences will test both your skills and your grit. Prepare your strongest spirit to fight against everything and become a hero!