Geometry Dash Horror

Geometry Dash Horror

Geometry Dash Horror is a game that challenges your absolute control timing ability. Covering the maps in the game is a dark, creepy atmosphere. Dark red lights, cracked walls, or horrifying scenes of death make the adventure breathtaking. Players will have to face countless deadly challenges with dangerous sharp blocks.


The seven exciting rounds

Geometry Dash Horror includes seven levels with different rated difficulties:

  • Level 1: Ideal for a Newbie.
  • Level 2: A Rookie can try it.
  • Level 3: Start with the Beginner role.
  • Level 4: For Talented players.
  • Level 5: Challenge with Skillful control.
  • Level 6: Adventure and become an Expert.
  • Level 7: The Insane level, just for a master.

How to maneuver the cube

Players will take on the role of a cube to perform difficult challenges. You can use the left-click, the spacebar, or the up arrow to make a jump. The most effective way to get acquainted with the game is to challenge each level in turn. Conquering them can be addictive without knowing it. Experience it now and bring back impressive achievements!