Geometry Dash Hold On

Geometry Dash Hold On has metal blocks that create a unique obstacle map. Dhaner is the talented creator of this new idea. The difficulty of this fan-made game is 10 stars. The obstacle layouts in the matrix are arranged very differently, with sparkling metal blocks and distinct tunnels. The constant mode switching of Geometry Dash Hold On helps you stay focused. Grab hold of the cube, ball, ship, and wave to go through this challenging maze! One needs to have steely focus and lightning-fast reflexes to withstand missile barrages, a cruel asymmetrical twin cube section, and space tunnels. Enthusiastic gamers are the only ones who can endure all the way to the end.


Go through the main positions

The number of objects appearing in this version will overwhelm you. Dhaner created a matrix with countless decorative objects arranged everywhere in the terrain. The level begins with a cube segment with terrain consisting of platforms and spiked obstacles. Then there's the segment with countless jumping balls until it gets to the train segment. Objects in this section will double their speed. Before continuing your exploration, the game screen will display a giant “HOLD ON” text signaling a short break.

The adventure continues with the main object's dizzying change from shape to speed. The matrix now appears with narrow paths and pointed triangles. The round ends after a dizzying series of transformations of the entity into a ball, a ship, a wave, a cube, a robot, and back to its ship form at the end. The screen turns black when gamers are navigating objects in small tunnels. This is the end of this level.

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