Geometry Dash High Hill

Geometry Dash High Hill, created by Hakucho789 with a 4-star difficulty, is a popular, easy-to-play level in the Normal Pack. Despite its difficulty, it offers a satisfying challenge for both experienced players and newcomers. It's a perfect opportunity to conquer and become a champion in the game. Geometry Dash High Hill follows a similar gameplay to Can't Let Go, with players climbing pillars and navigating platforms and spheres as cubes. The main object then transforms into a ship and navigates a narrow tunnel, avoiding spikes and blocks. This version has 1,873 objects with a duration of 1'11".


Four main segments

  • 0-31%: The level begins off with an expansive cube area transcendently climbing up a long staircase with the incidental sphere jump.
  • 32-64%: At the drop the background gets to be dark and the sum of hops and orbs required to tap increments drastically.
  • 65-80%: A ship portion shows up following, containing an area where you evade coasting impediments in between two expansive hallways.
  • 81-100%: The level closes off as an upside-down cube bouncing and falling off half-square stages, at long last finishing with a staircase down to the conclusion of the level.

How to maneuver the transformation geometry

The framework in Geometry Dash High Hill outage is basically outlined. The control commands in this game are comparable to those in other adaptations of the same arrangement. You'll utilize the left-click, the up-arrow, or the spacebar to control the geometry. Be that as it may, watch out each time the substance moves through the gravity entrance. The speed or mass of the protest will change, causing the control time arrangement to alter appropriately. For illustration, you'll have to press the button later in case the object is moving at a low speed, and vice versa.

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