Geometry Dash Glorious

Geometry Dash Glorious

Geometry Dash Glorious is a design by developer Kebabbo that is based on an original well-known Geometry Dash series. This fan-made game has a 4-star difficulty and includes 3 user coins. However, the terrain and obstacle layout in the maze are also extremely tricky, easily causing gamers to lose.

Your task in this game is to maneuver the geometry to complete each level without dying. You have to maneuver all the way to the conclusion. As soon as the game launches, your object will move independently. To prevent the triangles from destroying the entity, all you have to do is click on the screen at the appropriate moment to assist it in jumping. It might be perplexing when the lights flash. You'll grow used to it, so try not to worry too much. Remember that “practice makes perfect."


The Glorious Story

The "Glorious Story" is a fantastical narrative that follows a youthful globetrotter on a journey to discover the source of a puzzling sound. They experience different deterrents and foes, but they also find covered-up insider facts and treasures. The globe-trotter inevitably finds a capable artifact, which they return to their town as a legend. In any case, the artifact stirs a capable fiendish, constraining them to overcome it and save their world. Through bravery and expertise, the adventurer overcomes evil and reestablishes peace, finishing the Wonderful Story with the hero as a genuine legend and the arrival secure once more.

How to Play

The obstacle difficulties in Geometry Dash Glorious are not very difficult, and the game moves quite slowly. This is the version that is most suited for beginner players. Let's start by familiarizing ourselves with the well-known maneuver commands from this game series. The spacebar, the up arrow, and the left-click are the three alternatives available to players with identical functionality.