Geometry Dash Glitter Madness 2k15

Geometry Dash Glitter Madness 2k15

Geometry Dash Glitter Madness 2k15 is a fan-made game based on the original adventure game Geometry Dash. The game was created by Viprin and Glittershroom with a 3-star difficulty of Normal. This will be a good opportunity for players to get acquainted with the gameplay and pace of this rhythmic obstacle course game. If the object reaches the finish line safely, you will win.

A basic cube section opens the level. Next comes a tight ship section, a c ube section with crazy jumps, an odd UFO section with click patterns, a ball section with a gravity switch, a wave section that is thought to be too difficult for a three-star level, a simple cube section, and the last ship part, which has been a death spot because of tight corridors.


Maneuver a unique entity

To be able to explore the 9,513 objects in the matrix as well as overcome all the tricky obstacles, players need to understand how to navigate the object correctly. You can click on the main screen or use the keyboard with one of two buttons: the spacebar and the up arrow.