Geometry Dash GeoBound

Geometry Dash GeoBound

Axils and MoonSpark have created an extremely attractive obstacle course game - Geometry Dash GeoBound. By maneuvering the object to avoid colliding with all barriers on the way, players can collect items and completely conquer this difficult game. Geometry Dash GeoBound difficulty is 6 stars of Harder Level and it has 3 user coins.

Besides, players have an unlimited number of attempts, although it is a bit laborious because the main object will always start at the starting line. Don't give up; try multiple times and pass all 18,827 objects to master this challenging matrix!


Similar to other versions of the series, the player has three ways to navigate the object: using mouse click, the up arrow, or the spacebar. You control the puzzle through four main segments to win in the end. The segments in this version are:

  • 0-22%: Designed by MoonSpark, the round opens with the cube running down slopes at a steady pace. After the object transformed into an airship, the terrain appeared with steep slopes. Immediately after that, the entity changed shape continuously at an increasing speed.
  • 23-48%: Creator Axils made the opening segment with a narrow tunnel that requires sine wave movements. After that, the object becomes a mini-cube, a ball, and a dual-cube with terrain with many stairs and jumping balls.
  • 49-76%: The game features a triple-speed gameplay with various sections, including a robot, a ship, a mini-cube, a double-speed wave, a ball, a short cube, and an auto portal section.
  • 77-100%: The section begins with a double-speed cube section, followed by a ship sequence in a tunnel-like area, then transitions to a ball with jumps and orbs before the final cube section.

Locations of user coins

  • 12%: In mini-cube mode, the first coin appears right before the two yellow and pink jumping balls.
  • 40%: In the ball segment, the coin appears at the background frame position with the question mark.
  • 66%: The object collects the last coin after performing two jumps on the blue and yellow spheres in the speedball segment.