Geometry Dash Gear

GD Jose is the creator of the user-level game with impressive challenges, Geometry Dash Gear. The game has a 3-star difficulty level, so it will be an ideal choice for newcomers. However, with their built-in features, the barriers in this version still have disturbing challenges, such as fake blocks and unexpected accelerations. In general, the entity's speed is not too fast throughout the matrix, and the terrain in the round is not too difficult to conquer.


Start your journey

Geometry Dash Gear opens with a long slide of a cube. Players only need to perform some simple control commands to avoid two pointed triangle blocks. The first conversion portal will take you to the ship segment at a steady speed. In front of the object will appear a light dot and fake gear to guide the object. The terrain is now mountain-like, with blocks appearing from both sides of the screen. Along with that are chains and some saw blades with decorative functions. The entity returns to cube form in the next stage.

The background image shows the word “Round 1” and an arrow pointing to a conversion port. The ship segment then continues at half the speed of the main object. The terrain at this time is steep slopes and remains until the end of the UFO section after that. The original gear transformed into a creature with scary red eyes. After a short break, gamers come to Round 2 with an object in the form of a UFO. The angry gear appeared again, as if tracking the entity's movements. Round 3 comes quickly with a fast-paced flying section. The terrain is now a multitude of ferocious cogs and gears pursuing and attempting to attack the entity. 

The cube then runs around the boss a few times before entering the final segment. The final terrain is the same as the opening. You maneuver the cube by taking a few simple steps to avoid the few spiked blocks and reach the finish line.

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