Geometry Dash Futura

Get ready to experience marvelous music and breathtaking surreal scenes in Geometry Dash Futura. This user level game is created by MR_GODZILLA_130. The distinctive difference in this game is the variety of levels with six rounds of increasing difficulty. Besides, it is impossible not to mention the impressive background music in harmony with the images of modern cities, starry universe, ancient buildings, etc.

The shapes in the object transformations are still familiar interfaces such as cubes, airships, balls, and UFOs. The main terrain in Geometry Dash Futura is mainly stairs with only one tile. This requires players to properly align control commands to promptly navigate the object to safe terrain.


Six attractive rounds

  • Solar Wind: This round is rated at the Hard level. The setting for the surreal wallpapers here is a modern city, a vast universe, and a lush green jungle.
  • Metacraft: With the Harder level difficulty, this round has a familiar image in the Minecraft world. The locations are different but are all created by unique sandboxes.
  • The Quest: This round brings the experience of scenes from science fiction movies. Innovative cityscapes and fierce mutant battles. This round is set at the Hard level.
  • The Bigening of Time: With the Insane level, this next round will bring extreme challenges to gamers. The main terrain here is squares and the background image is also arranged according to these shapes. Additionally, you will enjoy stunning views of the floating islands.
  • Deadopen at the Normal Demon level and Monody at the Insane Demon level are projects being completed by developer MR_GODZILLA_130. These two remaining rounds will be released soon. Please look forward to it!
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