Geometry Dash Full Version

Geometry Dash Full Version

Geometry Dash Full Version is an awkward obstacle course game. Players will control an original cube to go on an adventure on a map full of dangers. You will have to face deadly barriers such as sharp spikes, saw blades, and vertical walls. The players’ mission is to navigate the entity through all these difficult challenges to reach the finish line safely.

In addition, note the changes in the object's shape after moving through the conversion portal. The main object in this game has a total of five states: the cube, the ship, the ball, the UFO, and the wave. These are also typical shapes in the popular game series Geometry Dash.


The unique feature

Geometry Dash Full Version has 15 levels with increasing difficulty. The attractive point is that you will not need to complete the previous round but can still try more difficult levels. In particular, on the map of each round, there are three coins to help make your conquest more complete.

Furthermore, what do you think about the feature to customize the pace of the round? Isn't it great to know that this difficult map can be explored at a reasonable speed? This game will help you fulfill that wish. Players click on the icon in the right corner of the screen to see this feature and adjust it to your liking. Hope you will have impressive adventures and pass all levels!