Geometry Dash ForceDynamix

Geometry Dash ForceDynamix

Geometry Dash ForceDynamix is the eye-catching obstacle battles with dynamic music, created by Minesap. The difficulty of this round is 10-star Hard Demon with the appearance of 3 silver user coins. User coins are only an additional challenge; players can control the object to the finish line to win without having to collect enough of these items. The main object starts out with a cube shape and a slow pace. The game ends when the main object slows down and jumps towards the glowing wall.


Challenge yourself in a complicated track

Geometry Dash ForceDynamix starts with the fast speed of a cube and terrain with jumping balls and deadly saw blades. Immediately after that, the cube accelerated on the matrix containing short roots and quickly became an airship. After collecting the first coin, gamers come to the dual-ship segment. The cube section continues with short, steep terrain, some jumping balls, and avoiding collisions with spikes on either side. The round continues with a short UFO segment before becoming a dual cube. The object's direction of movement will now rotate because you move it through a mirror portal.

The change of direction occurs continuously before settling on the cube segment. The terrain at this point is countless jumping balls that require precise timing. After moving through a small passageway with pseudo-cubes, the object passed through numerous gravity gates and decelerated in the ship segment. The round ends after a short dual-ship segment and the entity's transformation into its robot form.

Positions of 3 user coins

  • In the airship segment, after moving through the gravity gate at the end of the tunnel, you need to control the entity to fly upward. The first coin is located at 15%, next to the third obstacle block.
  • In the UFO segment at 30%, the second coin is located between two false gears placed close together.
  • At the ship segment at the end of the track, you direct the flying entity close to the terrain below. At position 95%, the coin will appear.