Geometry Dash Flappy Weird

Geometry Dash Flappy Weird

Geometry Dash Flappy Weird's innovative and challenging obstacle matrix was created by TheSuperbot. This user-level game has ten-star difficulty with the overwhelming challenges of the terrain and block transitions. Gravity portals will appear continuously, changing the interface and direction of movement of the main object. This makes gamers dizzy because the pace is too fast.

The barrier terrain in Geometry Dash Flappy Weird mainly appears as tall blocks similar to the sewer pipes in the game Flappy Bird. Besides, blocks, sharp spikes, and floating stairs are also formidable obstacles. The round ends after the insanely fast object makes a few heart-stopping jumps and flies towards the finish line.


Preview of this matrix

Geometry Dash Flappy Weird opens with a short cube doing a few simple jumps on high steps. The object then stabilized for a long journey with a UFO shape. The terrain now changes with shapes appearing throughout. Gamers control the object through a mirror gate twice then settle on the main track. The UFO's size and gravity also change after moving through several portals. The round continues with the entire matrix covered in pink neon light. Vertical blocks covering the screen in the shape of beautiful bike chains are obstacles. You can maneuver the geometry to pass through them.

The round continues with the terrain not changing much. Gamers should note that in a short distance at position 69% there are saw blades that can cause collisions. After moving through a narrow passage, the UFO enters a sequential drop phase that moves through a series of gravity portals. The entity's high-speed, difficult matrix continues with two changes of direction and a cube segment to reach the finish line.

Tips and trick

There is a little trick in the 26-31% segment. Gamers can drop the geometry that touch the terrain at the bottom of the screen and safely move through this section without any obstacles in the way.