Geometry Dash Flappy UFO

JXAN is the developer of the game with Flappy Bird's unique obstacle course gameplay, Geometry Dash Flappy UFO. The game has moderate difficulty, 6 stars, with a matrix of fixed shapes from both sides. The space in the middle is a safe zone for players to control the object to pass and successfully reach the finish line.

Geometry Dash Flappy UFO begins with a portal that transforms the main character from cube to airship mode. After that, the obstacles are fixedly arranged to create familiar and not too tricky gameplay. The obstacles in this matrix are the pointed triangles placed on top of each column. After passing the first 20 columns, the entity will change direction to move within a range of 10 columns before returning to its original direction. Gamers win by navigating the main object past 50 barrier posts and leaping to the finish line. At the end of the round, the text "Thanks for playing" will appear in the background. At this point, you just need to control the entity to fly steadily in the vast terrain without any obstacles until it reaches the finish line.


Similar to another well-known game

Players can easily recognize the arrangement in the matrix design of Geometry Dash Flappy UFO similar to the famous game Flappy Bird. This similarity can be seen in the names of the two games. The sewer barriers in the inspired game have been transformed by developer JXAN into familiar shapes in the Geometry Dash series. However, in the Flappy UFO version, there are also changes in movement direction, typical of the series. Besides, occasionally in the matrix will appear a few saw blades that can hinder the adventure of the main entity.

Control the unique object

Experience the flapping moves of the UFO shape to overcome all dangerous tall columns. You can use mouse click, the up arrow, or the spacebar to maneuver the main object. These command buttons have the same function.

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